Announcing the 2018 Book of the Year Notables


Congratulations to the following authors, illustrators and publishers on being recognised on this year’s lists. Short Lists will be announced on March 27. Check local branch websites and social media for events discussing these lists, and join us to celebrate the diversity of books written for children and young adults. Links on titles to reviews on Reading Time.

Book of the Year: Older Readers NB: These books are for mature readers

Link to: CBCA OR 2018 Notable List [printer friendly pdf]

Author TITLE ISBN Publisher
Archbold, Charlie MALLEE BOYS 9781743055007 Wakefield Press
Bancks, Tristan THE FALL 9780143783053 Penguin Random House Australia
Black, Cally IN THE DARK SPACES 9781760128647 Hardie Grant Egmont
Bowe, Steph NIGHT SWIMMING 9781925498165 Text Publishing
Burke, J.C. THE THINGS WE PROMISE 9781760290405 Allen & Unwin
Carless, Victoria THE DREAM WALKER 9780734417473 Hachette Australia
Christian, Claire BEAUTIFUL MESS 9781925498547 Text Publishing
Clarke, Judith MY LOVELY FRANKIE 9781760296339 Allen & Unwin
Corbett, Elizabeth Jane THE TIDES BETWEEN 9781925652222 Odyssey Books
Crowley, Cath &   Wood, Fiona & Howell, Simmone TAKE THREE GIRLS 9781742612744 Pan Macmillan Australia
Fraillon, Zana THE ONES THAT DISAPPEARED 9780734417152 Hachette Australia
French, Jackie THIRD WITCH 9780732298531 HarperCollins Publishers
Gardner, Scot SPARROW 9781760294472 Allen & Unwin
Harry, Pip BECAUSE OF YOU 9780702259777 University of Queensland Press
Hayes, Nicole A SHADOW’S BREATH 9780143781097 Penguin Random House Australia
Keil, Melissa THE SECRET SCIENCE OF MAGIC 9781760127763 Hardie Grant Egmont
Newton, Robert MR ROMANOV’S GARDEN IN THE SKY 9780143309307 Penguin Random House Australia
Nix, Garth FROGKISSER! 9781760293512 Allen & Unwin
Pryor, Michael GAP YEAR IN GHOST TOWN 9781760292768 Allen & Unwin
Smith, Mark WILDER COUNTRY 9781925498530 Text Publishing
Sutherland, Krystal A SEMI-DEFINITIVE LIST OF WORST NIGHTMARES 9780143573913 Penguin Random House Australia
Tozer, Gabrielle REMIND ME HOW THIS ENDS 9781460751688 HarperCollins Publishers
Wakefield, Vikki BALLAD FOR A MAD GIRL 9781925355291 Text Publishing
Weston, Paula THE UNDERCURRENT 9781925498233 Text Publishing
Williams, Gabrielle MY LIFE AS A HASHTAG 9781760113681 Allen & Unwin

The Book of the Year:  Younger Readers 

Link to: CBCA 2018 YR Notable List [printer friendly pdf]

Author Illustrator TITLE ISBN Publisher
Apel, Kathryn TOO MANY FRIENDS 9780702259760 University of Queensland Press
Beikoff, Katrina MAY TANG 9781742990743 Omnibus Books
Carnavas, Peter THE ELEPHANT 9780702259616 University of Queensland Press
Chim, Wai & White, Lyn SHAOZHEN 9781760113797 Allen & Unwin
Dubosarsky, Ursula THE BLUE CAT 9781760292294 Allen & Unwin
Gardiner, Kelly 1917 9781743622506 Scholastic Australia
Greenberg, Nicki Greenberg, Nicki THE CURSED FIRST TERM OF ZELDA STITCH 9781760294908 Allen & Unwin
Harris, Tim Hart, James MR BAMBUCKLE’S REMARKABLES 9780143785859 Penguin Random House Australia
Hawke, Rosanne JEHAN AND THE QUEST OF THE LOST DOG 9780702259609 University of Queensland Press
Heffernan, John HOTAKA 9781760113766 Allen & Unwin
Janu, Tamsin BLOSSOM 9781742991641 Omnibus Books
Janu, Tamsin FIGGY TAKES THE CITY 9781742992006 Omnibus Books
Jones, J.C. PIP AND HOUDINI 9781760296056 Allen & Unwin
Jonsberg, Barry Jellett, Tom A DOG’S TALE 9781742991399 Omnibus Books
Lamond, Margrete Vallance, Heather THE SORRY TALE OF FOX AND BEAR 9780648023807 Dirt Lane Press
MacDibble, Bren HOW TO BEE 9781760294335 Allen & Unwin
McConnochie, Mardi THE SKELETON COAST 9781760290931 Allen & Unwin
McRitchie, Rebecca Kretschmar, Sonia WHIMSY AND WOE 9781460753040 HarperCollins Publishers
Mitchell, Simon THE FIGHTING STINGRAYS 9780143784104 Penguin Random House Australia
Moss, Tamara LINTANG AND THE PIRATE QUEEN 9780143783435 Penguin Random House Australia
Murphy, Sally LOOKING UP 9781925164572 Fremantle Press
Murray, Martine MARSH AND ME 9781925498011 Text Publishing
Murray, Martine HENRIETTA AND THE PERFECT NIGHT 9781760290245 Allen & Unwin
Nannestad, Katrina THE GIRL, THE DOG AND THE WRITER IN ROME 9780733338175 HarperCollins Publishers
Nicol, Lisa DR BOOGALOO AND THE GIRL WHO LOST HER LAUGHTER 9780143782599 Penguin Random House Australia
Rippin, Sally THE WAYWARD WITCH AND THE FEELINGS MONSTER 9781760129019 Hardie Grant Egmont
Rodda, Emily THE SHOP AT HOOPERS BEND 9781460753668 HarperCollins Publishers
Rossell, Judith A GARDEN OF LILIES: IMPROVING TALES FOR YOUNG MINDS 9780733338229 HarperCollins Publishers
Sandhu, Jo THE EXILE 9780143309376 Penguin Random House Australia
Shanahan, Lisa THE GRAND GENIUS SUMMER OF HENRY HOOBLER 9781760293017 Allen & Unwin
Tanner, Lian ACCIDENTAL HEROES 9781760293529 Allen & Unwin
Temple, Jol & Kate Foye, John CAPTAIN JIMMY COOK DISCOVERS X MARKS THE SPOT 9781760291945 Allen & Unwin
Townsend, Jessica NEVERMOOR: THE TRIALS OF MORRIGAN CROW 9780734418074 Hachette Australia
Webster, Allayne L. A CARDBOARD PALACE 9781925227253 MidnightSun Publishing
Weetman, Nova THE SECRETS WE SHARE 9780702259784 UQP
Whittle, Cate King, Michael Stephen TROUBLE AND THE NEW KID 9781742990781 Omnibus Books


The Book of the Year:  Early Childhood 

Link to: CBCA 2018 EC Notable List [printer friendly pdf]

Author Illustrator TITLE ISBN Publisher
Balla, Trace THE THANK YOU DISH 9781760292355 Allen & Unwin
Bancroft, Bronwyn SHAPES OF AUSTRALIA 9781760129286 Little Hare
Bauer, Michael Gerard Krebs, Chrissie RODNEY LOSES IT! 9781742991900 Omnibus Books
Blabey, Aaron BUSTING 9781743812389 Scholastic Australia
Blabey, Aaron GUFF 9780670077175 Penguin Random House Australia
Blabey, Aaron PIG THE STAR 9781743812754 Scholastic Australia
Bland, Nick THE VERY SLEEPY BEAR 9781743812549 Scholastic Australia
Bolton, Nicola YOU CAN’T CATCH ME 9780646977553 Nicola Bolton
Bowden, Fiona BUSY LITTLE CREATURES 9780648115601 Little Book Press
Button, Joshua Wells, Robyn AT THE ZOO I SEE 9781925360455 Magabala Books
Canty, John HEADS AND TAILS 9780994384126 Berbay Publishing
Clarke, Lorin Vane, Mitch OUR LAST TRIP TO THE MARKET 9781925266962 Allen & Unwin
Crumble, P. Gifford, Lucinda THE CAT WANTS CUDDLES 9781743811412 Scholastic Australia
Cummings, Phil DeVries, Shane BOY 9781760277055 Scholastic Australia
Cummings, Phil Graham, Amanda WILBUR, GRACE AND JOE 9780648086826 Little Book Press
Dumbleton, Mike Carnavas, Peter JUMP AND SHOUT 9780648086819 Little Book Press
Fox, Mem Ghosh, Ronojoy I’M AUSTRALIAN TOO 9781760276218 Omnibus Books
Gallasch, Carrie Acton, Sara STITCHES AND STUFFING 9781760127787 Little Hare
Germein, Katrina Dawson, Janine GREAT GOAL! MARVELLOUS MARK! 9781925272666 Ford Street Publishing
Gleeson, Libby Pignataro, Anna CLARE’S GOODBYE 9781760127527 Little Hare
Greenberg, Nicki MEERKAT CHOIR 9781760290795 Allen & Unwin
Guest, Patrick Bentley, Jonathan THE SECOND SKY 9781760127985 Little Hare
Haji-Ali, Frances & Lindsay Hardy, David ON THE WAY TO NANA’S 9781925360301 Magabala Books
Horsfall, Shannon NOMAX! 9781460753927 HarperCollins Publishers
Howarth, Kylie 1,2, PIRATE STEW 9781760403201 The Five Mile Press
Kelly, Deborah Blair, Karen ME AND YOU 9780670079247 Penguin Random House Australia
Lester, Alison Lester, Alison THE VERY NOISY BABY 9781925475616 Affirm Press
Long, Ben Cornish, David READY, STEADY, HATCH! 9781925272536 Ford Street Publishing
Harrison, Jennifer Lucas, Mike OLIVIA’S VOICE 9781925227192 MidnightSun Publishing
Martin, Marc WHAT’S UP TOP? 9780143783886 Penguin Random House Australia
Masson, Sophie McMahon, Michael TWO RAINBOWS 9781760127794 Little Hare
Morgan, Sally & Maroney, Biddy Day, Sonny HELLO TO YOU, MOON 9781760125462 Little Hare
Mulvey, Ella Briggs, Karen THE RABBIT-HOLE GOLF COURSE 9781925266290 Allen & Unwin
Osborne, Robyn Konchi, Sadami MY DOG SOCKS 9781925272826 Ford Street Publishing
Parker, Danny Eckstrom, Nathaniel ROAD TRIP 9781760127404 Little Hare
Prior, Natalie Jane Orsini, Cheryl LUCY’S BOOK 9780734416599 Hachette Australia
Shanahan, Lisa Binny HARK, IT’S ME, RUBY LEE! 9780734416551 Hachette Australia
Shanks, Matt Shanks, Matt ERIC THE POSTIE 9781743811931 Scholastic Australia
Teece, Lorraine Seden, Paul MOLLY THE PIRATE 9781925360660 Magabala Books
Tidball, Debra Siew, Kim THE SCARED BOOK 9780734417497 Hachette Australia
Westaway, Kylie Jellett, Tom WHY CAN’T I BE A DINOSAUR? 9781760294724 Allen & Unwin
Wild, Margaret Whatley, Bruce ONE KEEN KOALA 9781743629291 Scholastic Australia
Wilkinson, Lili Francey, Amanda THAT CHRISTMAS FEELING 9781760294960 Allen & Unwin
Winch, Gordon Shirvington, Patrick CAN YOU FIND ME? 9781925059793 New Frontier Publishing
Wolfer, Dianne Potter, Heather NANNA’S BUTTON TIN 9781922077677 Walker Books Australia


The Picture Book of the Year:  NB: Some of these books may be for mature readers. Arranged by illustrator

Link to: CBCA 2018 PB Notable List [printer friendly pdf]

Illustrator Author TITLE ISBN Publisher
Anelli, Liz Wilkinson, Carole TEN POUND POM 9781925381214 Walker Books Australia
Balchin, Lance AQUATICA 9781760404147 The Five Mile Press
Bentley, Jonathan Guest, Patrick THE SECOND SKY 9781760127985 Little Hare
Bentley, Jonathan Micallef, Shaun TALES FROM A TALL FOREST 9781760129590 Hardie Grant Egmont
Blabey, Aaron GUFF 9780670077175 Penguin Random House Australia
Blackwood, Freya THE GREAT RABBIT CHASE 9781743811641 Scholastic Australia
Booth, Christina THE ANZAC TREE 9781760154226 Omnibus Books
Bunting, Philip MOPOKE 9781742991658 Omnibus Books
Canty, John HEADS AND TAILS 9780994289575 Berbay Publishing
Coote, Maree ANDY WEB: ARTIST 9780992491758 Melbournestyle Books
deGennaro, Sue French, Jackie MILLIE LOVES ANTS 9781460751787 Harper Collins Australia
Denham, Trent Denham, Trent JEROME’S GIFT 9780648018506 Condotta Press
Dreiling, Katrin Worthington, Michelle THE WORLD’S WORST PIRATE 9780994626912 Little Pink Dog Books
Frazer, Andrew McKinlay, Meg DRAWN ONWARD 9781925164848 Fremantle Press
Heinrich, Sally Jolly, Jane PAPA SKY 9781925227291 MidnightSun Publishing
Ingram, Ffranses Gevert, Joachim THE MAN IN THE PANAMA HAT AND THE WINDY, WINDY DAY 9781925545418 Little Steps Publishing
James, Ann Watts, Frances A VERY QUACKY CHRISTMAS 9780733329623 Harper Collins Australia
Johnston, Nicky Russell, Paul GRANDMA FORGETS 9781925335477 EK Books
King, Stephen Michael Daddo, Andrew WHATCHA BUILDING? 9780733334153 Harper Collins Australia
King, Stephen Michael Millard, Glenda PEA POD LULLABY 9781760290085 Allen & Unwin
Landrak, Max DANNY BLUE’S REALLY EXCELLENT DREAM 9780734417589 Hachette Australia
Lesnie, Phil Cummings, Phil FEATHERS 9781760157357 Scholastic Australia
Lester, Alison THE VERY NOISY BABY 9781925475616 Affirm Press
Mackintosh, David Louise, Zanni ARCHIE AND THE BEAR 9781760127510 Little Hare
Magisson, Helene Clark, T. M. SLOWLY! SLOWLY! 9781925563221 Wombat Books
Martin, Marc WHAT’S UP TOP? 9780143783886 Penguin Random House Australia
Martins, Fern Webber, Beryl BIG FELLA RAIN 9781925360639 Magabala Books
McKenzie, Heath Nixon, Livinia HENRY’S PIRATE ADVENTURE 9781760454425 Lake Press
Ottley, Matt Parker, Danny SARAH AND THE STEEP SLOPE 9781742974675 Little Hare
Perkins, Gwyn A WALK IN THE BUSH 9781925475531 Affirm Press
Phillips, Craig GIANTS, TROLLS, WITCHES, BEASTS 9781760113261 Allen & Unwin
Pignataro, Anna Gleeson, Libby CLARE’S GOODBYE 9781760127527 Little Hare
Plant, Andrew Worthington, Michelle GLITCH 9781925272703 Ford Street Publishing
Racklyeft, Jess McCartney, Tania MERRY EVERYTHING 9781922081704 Windy Hollow Books
Robaard, Jedda Robaard, Jedda MONSIEUR CHAT 9781760405007 The Five Mile Press
Rudge, Leila McKinlay, Meg ONCE UPON A SMALL RHINOCEROS 9781925126709 Walker Books Australia
Smith, Craig Flynn, Rachel GUS DOG GOES TO WORK 9781921504884 Harper Collins Australia
Spudvilas, Anne SWAN LAKE 9781743318454 Allen & Unwin
Stadermann, Jane FISH 9780994467812 Rabbit Books
Swan, Owen Fenton, Corinne MY FRIEND TERTIUS 9781760113827 Allen & Unwin
Tanner, Jane Brennan, Sarah  STORM WHALE 9781760293642 Allen & Unwin
To, Vivienne Wild, Margaret THE SLOTH WHO CAME TO STAY 9781760290221 Allen & Unwin
Tylesova, Gabriela McAllister, David THE SLEEPING BEAUTY 9781760129934 Little Hare
Walker, Anna FLORETTE 9780670079414 Penguin Random House Australia
Shanks, Matt French, Jackie KOALA BARE 9781460751619 Harper Collins Australia
Whatley, Bruce RUBEN 9781743810354 Scholastic Australia
Wilson, Mark FLAPPER, VC 9780734416759 Hachette Australia

The Eve Pownall Award for Information Book of the Year  NB: These books are intended for an audience from birth to 18 years

Link to: CBCA 2018 PB Notable List [printer friendly pdf]

Author illustrator TITLE ISBN Publisher
Ben-Barak, Idan Frost, Julian DO NOT LICK THIS BOOK 9781760293055 Allen & Unwin
Clarke, Daniel & William TEARS IN THE JUNGLE: FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL 9780987308917 Tears in the Jungle
Cole-Adams, Jennet  & Gauld, Judy  Designed by Hatherly, Brett DECISION: STORIES OF LEADERSHIP IN THE SERVICES 9780994477569 Dpt. of Veterans’ Affairs
Coote, Maree Coote, Maree ROBYN BOID: ARCHITECT 9780992491741 Melbournestyle Books
Cossins, Jennifer Cossins, Jennifer THE BABY ANIMAL BOOK 9780734418159 Hachette Australia
Cusack, Kathleen Designed by Hatherly, Brett COMRADESHIP: STORIES OF FRIENDSHIP AND RECREATION IN WARTIME 9780987615107 Dpt. of Veterans’ Affairs
Dickon, John Emmerichs, Bern M IS FOR MUTINY! HISTORY BY ALPHABET 9780994384119 Berbay Publishing
Gill, Nic ANIMAL ECO-WARRIORS 9781486306213 CSIRO Publishing
Grover, Samantha Heisler, Camille EXPLORING SOILS: A HIDDEN WORLD UNDERGROUND 9781486305001 CSIRO Publishing
Hendry, Lorna LEFT & RIGHT 9781742034430 Wild Dog Books
Hope, Charles THE BIG BOOK OF ANTARCTICA 9781742034188 Wild Dog Books
Lessac, Frane Lessac, Frane A IS FOR AUSTRALIAN ANIMALS 9781925381009 Walker Books Australia
Lewis, Robert THE STORY OF AUSTRALIA 9780857983145 Penguin Random House Australia
Mason, Prue & Mason, Kerry Jellett, Tom AMAZING AUSTRALIANS IN THEIR FLYING MACHINES 9781922244635 Walker Books Australia
Ryan, Kate Bennett, Cally MY CONTEMPORARY ART BOOK 9781925432466 National Gallery of Victoria
Ryan, Kate Bennett, Cally VAN GOGH AND THE SEASONS 9781925432374 National Gallery of Victoria
Saxby, Claire Vivas, Julie KOALA 9781925126396 Walker Books Australia
Sedunary, Michael Emmerichs, Bern THE STARTLING STORY OF LACHLAN MACQUARIE: FOUNDING FATHER OR FAILURE? 9780994384102 Berbay Publishing


Printer-friendly PDF list of all titles, each category on separate page: CBCA All 2018 Notable List

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