Announcing the 2017 CBCA Book of the Year Notables


Congratulations to the following authors, illustrators and publishers on being recognised on this year’s lists. Short Lists will be announced on March 28. Check local branch websites and social media for events discussing these lists, and join us to celebrate the diversity of books written for children and young adults. Links on titles to reviews on Reading Time.

Book of the Year: Older Readers NB: These books are for mature readers
Link to: CBCA OR Notables 2017 [pdf with book covers]

Author Book Title Publishers ISBN
Butters, Simon The Hounded Wakefield Press 9781743053959
Caddy, Meg Waer Text Publishing 9781922182210
Crowley, Cath Words in Deep Blue Pan MacMillan Australia 9781742612386
Eglington, Tara My Best Friend is a Goddess HarperCollins Publishers 9780732299903
Fraillon, Zana The Bone Sparrow Hachette Australia 9780734417138
Goodman, Alison Lady Helen and the Dark Days Club HarperCollins Publishers 9780732296094
Jacobson, Megan Yellow Penguin Random House Australia 9780143573333
Kasmer, Elizabeth Becoming Aurora University of Queensland Press 9780702254208
Kostakis, Will The Sidekicks Penguin Random House Australia 9780143309031
McGahan, Andrew The Ocean of the Dead Allen & Unwin 9781760292188
Millard, Glenda The Stars at Oktober Bend Allen & Unwin 9781743315897
Pitt, Darrell A Toaster on Mars Text Publishing 9781922182869
Plozza, Shivaun Frankie Penguin Random House Australia 9780143573166
Sutherland, Krystal Our Chemical Hearts Penguin Random House Australia 9780143573906
Touchell, Dianne Forgetting Foster Allen & Unwin 9781760110796
Weetman, Nova Everything is Changed

 Renee Mihulka‘s review

University of Queensland Press 9780702254161
Wild, Ailsa, illus. Hutchings, Ben The Invisible War Scale Free Network 9780992587253
Zorn, Claire One Would Think the Deep University of Queensland Press 9780702253942

Book of the Year: Younger Readers
Link to: CBCA YR Notables 2017 [pdf with book covers]

Author & Illustrator Book Title Publishers ISBN
Alexander, Goldie Cybertricks Five Senses Education 9781741308884
Balla, Trace Rockhopping Allen & Unwin 9781760112349
Banks, Angelica Blueberry Pancakes Forever Allen & Unwin 9781760110451
Battersby, Lee
Illus. Amy Daoud
Magrit Walker Books Australia 9781925081343
Bavati, Robyn Within These Walls
Stella Lees Review
Scholastic Australia 9781760152857
Brian, Janeen Yong: the journey of an unworthy son Walker Books Australia 9781925126297
Chim, Wai Freedom Swimmer Allen & Unwin 9781760113414
Ciddor, Anna The Family With Two Front Doors Allen & Unwin 9781925266641
Crabbe, Kay The Pearl-Shell Diver: A Story of Adventure from the Torres Strait Allen & Unwin 9781760290474
Fienberg, Anna Wicked’s Way Allen & Unwin 9781743319901
Foxlee, Karen A Most Magical Girl Allen & Unwin 9781848125742
Gibbes, Lesley
illus. Stephen Michael King
Fizz and the Police Dog Tryouts Allen & Unwin 9781760112851
Gleitzman, Morris Toad Delight Penguin Random House Australia 9780143309239
Hall, Leanne Iris and the Tiger Text Publishing 9781925240795
Hamilton, Anne Daystar: The Days are Numbered Wombat Books 9781925139518
Hawke, Rosanne Daughter of Nomads University of Queensland Press 9780702253935
Hayes, Paula Lily in the Mirror Fremantle Press 9781925163872
Heath, Jack The Fail Safe Allen & Unwin 9781925266078
Jennings, Paul
illus. Craig Smith
The Unforgettable What’s His Name Allen & Unwin 9781760290856
Jinks, Catherine Theophilus Grey and the Traitor’s Mask Allen & Unwin 9781760113612
Kane, Kim When the Lyrebird Calls Allen & Unwin 9781741758528
Kelly, Deborah
illus. Leigh Hedstrom
Ruby Wishfingers: Skydancer’s Escape Wombat Books 9781925139631
Knapp, Kate Ruby Red Shoes Goes to London HarperCollins Publishers 9780732297626
Miller, Jessica Elizabeth and Zenobia Text Publishing 9781925355031
Murrell, Belinda The Lost Sapphire Penguin Random House Australia 9781925324112
O’Loghlin, James The Twins of Tintarfell Pan MacMillan Australia 9781743548097
Orr, Wendy Dragonfly Song Allen & Unwin 9781760290023
Pascoe, Bruce Mrs Whitlam Magabala Books 9781925360240
Perry, Ellyse & Clark, Sherryl Pocket Rocket Penguin Random House Australia 9780143781240
Phommavanh, Oliver The Other Christy Penguin Random House Australia 9780143505723
Rossell, Judith Wormwood Mire: A Stella Montgomery Intrigue HarperCollins Publishers 9780733333019
Roxburgh, Richard Artie and the Grime Wave Allen & Unwin 9781760292140
Rushby, Pamela Lizzie and Margaret Rose Scholastic Australia 9781742991528
Smith, Jane
illus. Pat Kan
Shoot-out at the Rock Big Sky Publishing 9781925275940
Temple, Kate  & Temple, Jol
illus. John Foye
Captain Jimmy Cook Discovers Third Grade Allen & Unwin 9781760291938
Walsh, Myles
illus. Pitcha Makin Fellas
What’s in a Name? boh books 9780992395018
Weetman, Nova The Secrets We Keep
Jennifer Mors’s review
University of Queensland Press 9780702254215
Wild, Ailsa
illus. Ben Wood
Squishy Taylor and the Bonus Sisters Hardie Grant Egmont 9781760126759
Wolfer, Dianne The Shark Caller Penguin Random House Australia 9780143780557

Book of the Year: Early Childhood
Link to: CBCA EC Notables 2017 [pdf with book covers]

Author & Illustrator Book Title Publishers ISBN
Alafaci, Marie
illus. Shane McGowan
Zelda’s Big Adventure Allen & Unwin 9781925266382
Bell, Davina
illus. Sara Acton
Oh Albert! Penguin Random House Australia 9780670078608
Bell, Johanna
illus. Dion Beasley
Go Home, Cheeky Animals! Allen & Unwin 9781760291655
Bentley, Jonathan Where is Bear? Hardie Grant Egmont 9781760122911
Blabey, Aaron Pig the Winner Scholastic Australia 9781760154288
Brian, Janeen
illus. Danny Snell
Little Chicken Chickabee Raising Literacy Australia 9780994385338
Brooke, Cori
illus. Megan Forward
All I Want For Christmas Is Rain New Frontier Publishing 9781925059717
Calder, Charlotte
illus. Tom Jellett
The 12th Dog Hachette Australia 9780734416919
Chambers, Susannah
illus. Mark Jackson
The Snow Wombat
Liz Derouet’s review
Allen & Unwin 9781760113810
Crumble, Paul
illus. Lucinda Gifford
The Cat Wants Custard Scholastic Australia 9781760155780
Dunstan, Kylie Nannie Loves Working Title Press 9781921504839
Fox, Mem
illus. Judy Horacek
Ducks Away! Scholastic Australia 9781760158514
Gibbes, Lesley
illus. Lisa Stewart
Little Bear’s First Sleep Scholastic Australia 9781743624012
Godwin, Jane & Wagner, Michael
illus. Andrew Joyner
Bear Make Den Allen & Unwin 9781760110017
Graham, Bob Home in the Rain Walker Books Australia 9781406368239
Howarth, Kylie Chip Bonnier Publishing Australia 9781760400736
James, Ann Bird and Bear and the Special Day Bonnier Publishing Australia 9781760402808
Lester, Alison Hello Little Babies
Verushka Byrow’s review
HarperCollins Publishers 9780733330414
McCartney, Tania
illus. Jess Racklyeft
Smile/Cry Exisle Publishing 9781921966989
Morgan, Sally
illus. Ambelin Kwaymullina
Dream Little One, Dream Penguin Random House Australia 9780670078868
Morgan, Sally
illus. Ambelin Kwaymullina
Joey Counts to Ten Hardie Grant Egmont 9781760121266
Parker, Aura Twig Scholastic Australia 9781760157067
Parker, Danny
illus. Freya Blackwood
Molly and Mae Hardie Grant Egmont 9781742975276
Pignataro, Anna Agatha and the Dark Bonnier Publishing Australia 9781760402075
Rudge, Leila Gary Walker Books Australia 9781925081695
Saxby, Claire
illus. Connah Brecon
Wild Pa Penguin Random House Australia 9780857988003
Shanahan, Lisa
illus. Leila Rudge
The Whole Caboodle Scholastic Australia 9781743629321
Treml, Renee Ten Little Owls Penguin Random House Australia 9780143780564
Walker, Sue
illus. Anil Tortop
My Perfect Pup New Frontier Publishing 9781925059601
Webb, Cassandra
illus. Amanda Francey
Take Ted Instead New Frontier Publishing 9781925059533
Wyatt, Edwina
illus. Lucia Masciullo
Together Always Hardie Grant Egmont 9781742979632

The Picture Book of the Year. NB: Some of these books may be for mature readers.

Arranged by illustrator
Link to: CBCA PB Notables 2017  [pdf with book covers]

Illustrator & Author Book Title Publishers ISBN
Ainslie, Tamsin
Text Carlie Gibson
The Sisters Saint-Claire Allen & Unwin 9781760291563
Anelli, Liz
Text Ross Watkins
One Photo Penguin Random House Australia 9780670077977
Anelli, Liz
Text Pamela Freeman
Desert Lake: The Story of Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre Walker Books Australia 9781921529436
Baker, Jeannie Circle Walker Books Australia 9781406338010
Balchin, Lance Mechanica: A Beginner’s Field Guide Bonnier Publishing Australia 9781760401085
Bancroft, Bronwyn Colours of Australia Hardie Grant Egmont 9781742976914
Bentley, Jonathan Where is Bear? Hardie Grant Egmont 9781760122911
Bentley, Jonathan
Text Janet A Holmes
Blue Sky, Yellow Kite Hardie Grant Egmont 9781760124229
Blabey, Aaron Don’t Call Me Bear! Scholastic Australia 9781760159849
Blackwood, Freya
Text Danny Parker
Molly and Mae Hardie Grant Egmont 9781742975276
Blackwood, Freya
Text Jane Godwin & Davina Bell
Hattie Helps Out Allen & Unwin 9781743435434
Blair, Karen
Text Raewyn Caisley
Something Wonderful Penguin Random House Australia 9780670078455
Bland, Nick The Fabulous Friend Machine Scholastic Australia 9781760277659
Cowcher, Robin
Text Rebecka  Sharpe Shelberg
Reflection: Remembering Those Who Serve in War Walker Books Australia 9781922179050
Evans, Gabriel
Text Penny Morrison
Captain Sneer the Buccaneer Walker Books Australia 9781922179609
Forward, Megan A Patch from Scratch Penguin Random House Australia 9780670078295
Gordon, Gus Somewhere Else Penguin Random House Australia 9780670078851
Graham, Bob Home in the Rain Walker Books Australia 9781406368239
Harvey, Roland On the River Allen & Unwin 9781760112455
Hobbs, Leigh Mr Chicken Arriva a Roma Allen & Unwin 9781925266771
Huxley, Oliver
Text Dee Huxley & Tiffany Huxley
My Brother Working Title Press 9781921504853
Jellett, Tom
Text Paul Newman
Grandpa’s Big Adventure Penguin Random House Australia 9780670078172
Joyner, Andrew
Text Jen Storer
Blue, The Builder’s Dog Penguin Random House Australia 9780670077809
Kennedy, Lisa
Text Aunty Joy Murphy
Welcome to Country Walker Books Australia 9781922244871
Lesnie, Phil
Text Libby Hathorn
A Soldier, a Dog and a Boy Hachette Australia 9780734416377
McKenzie, Heath Archie No Ordinary Sloth Bonnier Publishing Australia 9781760067892
McMahon, Michael Melbourne Word by Word Hardie Grant Egmont 9781760126674
Michael King, Stephen Snail and Turtle: Rainy Days Scholastic Australia 9781760159061
Nixon, Chris
Text Chris Owen
Pandamonia Fremantle Press 9781925163339
Ottley, Matt
Text Danny Parker
Crusts Hardie Grant Egmont 9781742979830
Plant, Andrew
Text Adam Wallace
Spark Ford Street Publishing 9781925272413
Redlich, Ben Smeck Windy Hollow Books 9781922081650
Riddle, Tobhy Milo: A Moving Story Allen & Unwin 9781760111632
Rudd, Van T
Text Maxine Beneba Clarke
The Patchwork Bike Hachette Australia 9780734416681
Rudge, Leila Gary Walker Books Australia 9781925081695
Simmonds, Brian
Text Jan Ramage
Dog Lost Windy Hollow Books 9781922081612
Smith, Craig
Text  Diane Jackson Hill
Chooks in Dinner Suits Museum Victoria 9781921833380
Swan, Owen
Text Angela de Pouraix
Out Scholastic Australia 9781743629000
Thompson, Colin Stanley HarperCollins Publishers 9780733332852
Tregonning, Mel Small Things Allen & Unwin 9781742379791
Whatley, Bruce
Text Jackie French
Cyclone Scholastic Australia 9781743623596
Wu, Di
Text Christopher Cheng
New Year Surprise! National Library of Australia 9780642278838

The Eve Pownall Award for Information Books NB: These books are intended for an audience birth to 18 years.
Link to: CBCA EP Notables 2017  [pdf with book covers]

Author & Illustrator Book Title Publishers ISBN
Baker, Jeannie Circle Walker Books Australia 9781406338010
Cole-Adams, Jennet & Gauld, Judy Resource – Stories of Australian innovation in wartime Department of Veterans’ Affairs 9780992583989
Coote, Maree Spellbound: Making Pictures with the A-B-C Melbournestyle Books 9780992491727
Cossins, Jennifer A-Z of Endangered Animals Red Parka Press 9780987594662
Deeves, Pauline Socks, Sandbags & Leeches: Letters to My Anzac Dad National Library of Australia 9780642278845
Freeman, Pamela
illus. Liz Anelli
Desert Lake: The Story of Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre Walker Books Australia 9781921529436
Greenwood, Mark
illus. Terry Denton
Boomerang and Bat Allen & Unwin 9781743319246
Hendry, Lorna The Gigantic Book of Genes Wild Dog Books 9781742034102
Jackson Hill, Diana
illus. Craig Smith
Chooks in Dinner Suits Museum Victoria 9781921833380
Karmel, Joanna
illus. Tony Flowers
Hello! National Library of Australia 9780642278876
Liberman, Cassy & Carter Jenkins, Sara
illus. Emma Borghesi
Australia’s Nightingale: Nellie Melba  Brolly Books 9781925386042
Martin, Helen & Simpson Judith
illus. Cheryl Orsini
The ABC Book of Food HarperCollins Publishers 9780733334269
McMullin, Neridah
illus. Andrew McLean
Fabish: The Horse that Braved a Bushfire Allen & Unwin 9781925266863
Newton, Gina M. Amazing Animals of Australia’s National Parks National Library of Australia 9780642278883
Ryan, Kate
illus. Cally Bennett
Degas: An Art Book for Kids National Gallery of Victoria 9781925432138
Sedunary, Michael
illus. Bern Emmerichs
William Bligh: a stormy story of tempestuous times Berbay Publishing 9780994289537
Tarakson, Stella
illus. Richard Morden
Aliens, Ghosts and Vanishings: Strange and Possibly True Australian Stories Penguin Random House Australia 9781925324969


Printer-friendly PDF list of all titles, each category on separate page: CBCA BOYA Notables List MEDIA RELEASE










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