John’s Best of 2017


Reviewer John shares his picks for 2017…

Shaozhen Wai Chim

When Shaozhen returns home to his small Chinese village for the school holidays in 2014, he finds that severe drought threatens the region. Shaozen is instrumental in finding a solution to this critical problem. This novel is part of the Through My Eyes series which explores the lives of children living in difficult and often violent situations. It is an engaging way for secondary school age children to learn about the plight of others their age and appreciate their own lifestyle.


Third Witch Jackie French

A fresh look at the story of Macbeth from the perspective of the third witch, a young girl named Annie Grasseyes who finds herself swept up in political intrigue and a violent situation she does not fully understand.

Third Witch is an exciting story suitable for secondary school age readers or those who love the timeless Shakespeare play and who will enjoy its fresh approach and different point of view. Just like her earlier Shakespearian based novels, I Am Juliet and Ophelia: Queen of Denmark, Jackie French has reinvented this timeless tale to make it accessible and appealing to all.


Animal Eco-Warriors Nic Gill

True stories from around the world of how we are utilizing the enhanced senses of animals to solve ecological problems, from drug detecting dogs to rats trained to detect mines to seals helping to track climate change. Informative yet also entertaining, this visually appealing book is suitable for children and adults who love animals or those concerned about the future of the planet.


Meet reviewer John Nolan…

John Nolan is an English and Literature teacher with over 30 years experience.  He completed a Graduate Diploma of Education (Children’s Literature) in 1996 and Master of Philosophy in 2001.  In recent times, John and his wife have been working with The Australian Catholic University library in Melbourne to establish the “The Nolan Historic Children’s Literature Research Collection”.


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