Trial of Heroes (Super Sidekicks #3)


Gavin Aung Than, Trial of Heroes (Super Sidekicks #3), Puffin Books, April 2020, 152 pp., RRP $14.99 (pbk), ISBN 9780143795902 

Super Sidekicks is a team of superkids who use their skills to fight injustice and save the world. They’ve recently rescued the Royal Baby from kidnappers and safely returned him to the Queen but, when the media arrive to televise the event, they don’t believe that the Super Sidekicks have resolved the case on their own — surely they must have had the help of Captain Perfect. Super Sidekicks leader, Junior Justice (JJ) is fed­up with the lack of acknowledgement the team receives so, when an invitation comes along to become a member of the planet’s most exclusive club for superheroes, H.E.R.O (Heroic Earth Righteousness Organisation), JJ is more than keen to join up. They must first pass a series of challenges set by the Director of HERO, Super Supreme. But, as their trial proceeds, all is not as it seems. And will being a member of HERO be worth it in the end? 

Super Sidekicks —Trial of Heroesthe third book in the series by Aung Than, is a graphic novel full of action and adventure. The Super Sidekicks team is a capable, inventive foursome of human and other­than­human characters — Junior Justice, Flygirl, Dinomite and Goo — who work together with courage, persistence, and kindness. 

The writing style is highly engaging and a lot of fun to read. The layout leads the reader easily between graphic frames and the illustrations are exceptional. There are some very amusing moments throughout but there is more than entertainment here as this crazy superhero team undertakes challenging tasks in which they must rely on each other to succeed and demonstrate initiative and resilience. This is a great read and highly recommended. 

Reviewed by Jennifer Mors 

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