Night of the Creepy Carnival (You Choose #5); Alien Invaders from Beyond the Stars (You Choose #6)


Night of the creepy carnival

George Ivanoff,   Night of the Creepy Carnival (You Choose #5), Random House,  1 May 2015,  160pp., $14.99 (pbk), ISBN 9780857986696

Alien Invaders from Beyond the Stars (You Choose #6),  Random House,  1 May 2015,  160pp.,  $14.99 (pbk),  ISBN 9780 857986719

When I was a kid, Choose Your Own Adventure books were a big hit. They were short, sharp and fast and not nearly as daunting as reading a ‘whole novel’. George has taken the format he loved as a kid and written his own version in a series called You Choose. Written in the second person, the reader is invited into the story with an immediacy and urgency that is compelling. At the end of enticing passages, they get to choose what they do next. There are flying saucers, evil clowns and many opportunities for the reader to decide if they face their fears or simply walk away. Everything about this series is designed to grab the reader by the scruff and keep them hooked until the end, from the sharp and stylish cover to the very last decision that leads them to their end…again. Highly recommended for the reluctant to the avid reader.

Reviewed by Deborah Abela

alien invaders

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