Hilda and the Hidden People


Stephen Davies (text), Luke Pearson (creator), and Seaerra Miller, (illustrator) Hilda and the hidden people, Flying Eye Books, October 2018, 176 pp., RRP $19.99 (hbk), ISBN 9781912497973

Here is the novelization by Stephen Davies of Luke Pearson’s graphic novels. Included in this book are storylines from the graphic novels Hilda and the troll and Hilda and the midnight giant. The graphic novels have also been adapted into a Netflix series. Hilda and her mum live alone in the mountainous wilderness – her mother is an architect and can work from home. Hilda loves their house and its surrounds, until she and her mother come under attack from tiny invisible elves who are determined to drive them out. Faced with the prospect of having to move to the city of Trolberg and leave their home forever, Hilda is determined to make peace with the elves.

This book is a strange mix of the modern and the ancient, of new technology and fabled creatures. Its setting has a distinct Nordic flavour, though many of the creatures are Pearson’s own creations. Hilda is a strong willed and creative heroine, but prone to impatience and short temper. She is an engaging character and this book will no doubt do well in public and upper primary libraries.

Reviewed by Rebecca Kemble

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