Clementine Rose and the Best News Yet (Clementine Rose #15)


Jacqueline Harvey, Clementine Rose and the Best News Yet (Clementine Rose #15), Puffin Books, December 2019, 161pp., RRP $14.99, ISBN: 9780143786054 

The ever-popular Clementine Rose series now presents is final and fifteenth instalment! The wonderfully talented Author Jacqueline Harvey delivers an endearing story; filled with action, excitement and humour.  

Clementine Rose is awaiting a new brother or sister; and she is super excited! With a very generous and carefully thought out ‘to do’ list, Clemmie will help to ensure all is just right before the new baby arrives. It is certainly a priority for Clementine Rose – but not so much for everyone else! How will she make sure the household is ready and prepared for the new arrival?  

If you are a first timer meeting young Clementine Rose – what an inspiring character, she is. A positive, thoughtful and considerate young girl, who is also a creative problem solver and best friends with a teacup pig named Lavender. She has a big heart and delights the reader with her beautiful (and often socially awkward) honesty. 

A book that shares the workings of a young girl’s thoughts, emotions and actions; as she goes about interpreting, adapting and responding to her everyday world.  Relatable in its theme to today’s fast-moving world of change both outside and inside the home.  

The story does paint a super rosy (and idealistic) picture of community coming together and collaborating to help each other out; which is always welcome role modelling in children’s books. 

A feel-good story, with a warm and fuzzy happy ending to the final book in Jacqueline Harvey’s bestselling Clementine Rose series.

Reviewed by Sonia Bestulic 

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