The Colossal Book of Colours


Lorna Hendry, The Colossal Book of Colours, Wild Dog Books, February 2020, 64 pp., RRP $27.99 (pbk), ISBN 9781742035727  

The author has already appeared on CBCA Award lists, and surely this one will also qualify. It is fine example of how to explain the intricacies of the science of colour in simple language with excellent illustrations. How does a brain interpret what it sees? What is light? What is a photoreceptor? Purple, White and Black, Red and Yellow, Orange and Green… all are examined. What your dog can see and what a bee sees that you can’t. It is all here. And did you know what is the best car colour, what percentage of the population has blue eyes, or why taxis are yellow? It is written with flair, beautifully illustrated and captures the imagination immediately upon opening. Truly colossal!  

Reviewed by Stella Lees  

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