Tabitha and the Raincloud


Devon Sillett (text) and Melissa Johns (illustrator), Tabitha and the Raincloud, EK Books, February 2020, 24 pp., RRP $24.99 (hbk), ISBN 9781925820133 

Tabitha is having a bad day when everything at home and at school is going wrong.  Worst of all, because she is so grumpy, her best friend does not want to play with her.  She blames the rain for her mood but when she decides to be positive and enjoy the wet day, everything improves and she is herself again.  The message of resilience and knowing that bad days will pass, may need some explanation for the very young.  The illustrations are full of action and detail, and the raindrop-covered endpapers are a delight.  The text size could be a little larger for this age group.  Age 3-5.  

Reviewed by Elizabeth Douglas

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