Super Sports Stories for Kids


super sports stories for kids

Patrick Loughlin (text),  James Hart (illus.),  Super Sports Stories for Kids, Random House Australia,  1 Dec 2015, 189pp.,  $14.99 (pbk), ISBN 9780857989666

If anyone had told me I was going to read, let alone enjoy a book about sport, I would never have believed them.  But enjoy it I did.  I fact, I absolutely loved this lively, engaging book about a whole lot of kids having a whole lot of fun doing a whole lot of sports activities.  I was with them on every adventure.

Comprised of twelve short stories, Super Sports Stories for Kids can be read in one sitting or one story at a time.  It can be read in the order the stories are presented or by sporting preference.  It’s a great book to read out loud – a chapter a night at bedtime for younger children – and equally enjoyable for the quiet independent reader of 7 to 9 years. Whichever it is, I am sure this book will be re-read many times over by keen young readers, future sportspeople and those of us who just keep giving it a go.

The stories are fun.  Girls and boys are sure to laugh out loud as they read about Alex and his disappearing Speedos as well as Alice’s conquering Karate moves.  There is a vast range of sports included in this book and Loughlin has cleverly included factual information about each sport, especially the relevant terminology, without detracting from the pace of the stories.  James Hart’s selectively placed illustrations create an extra element of quirkiness and good humour.

Super Sports Stories for Kids is a great addition to the home or school library.  Everyone needs to be able to laugh about unexpected outcomes, especially when it comes to sport.  This book is about trying our best, accepting what happens and being true to ourselves.  Not everyone can be a winner, but everyone can be a good sport.

Reviewed by Jennifer Mors


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