Space Mash (Wheelnuts #3)



Knife & Packer,  Space Mash (Wheelnuts #3),  Scholastic,  1 March 2015, 96pp.,  $12.99 (pbk), ISBN: 9781743627242

Welcome to the craziest race on Earth! Starring crazy modes of transport with all sorts of weird and wacky upgrades (including toxic farts, mega fluff attack and singing lessons) and their equally zany drivers. Space Mash is the third book in the series and involves Warren ‘Wheelie’ Wheelnut who has mounted the biggest, maddest competition ever. This book sees the teams’ race to the moon; a planet made of food, and pits them against maniac robots; with stops at unusual planets along the way, and ghastly looking creatures to keep the reader entertained. Featuring vivid illustrations and a fast-paced narrative, this is a great story for reluctant readers.

reviewed by Katie Poidomani

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