The ‘Snowed in’ Adventures of Wallace the Wild Snow Goose


snowed in adventures

BARKER, G. A. (text) Rebecca Hallet (illus.) The ‘Snowed in’ Adventures of Wallace the Wild Snow Goose Xlibris, 2014 unpaged $28.18 pbk ISBN 9781493135714

Wallace the snow goose is too sick to fly south for the winter so his friends, the Arctic hare, Mister and Missus Beaver, the big Arctic wolf, the big brown bear, and the sleek otter all help him survive through the harsh winter.  They work together to provide him with food, to make him feel comfortable and supported until the other snow geese return.  In case we have missed the symbolism there is a page for ‘Grownups’ where the author explains how the story can be read as a metaphor of a sick and lonely person who is helped by his friends.  This well-intentioned story is simply illustrated by some line drawings placed here and there on the page.

reviewed by Mia Macrossan

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