Sharon Smith’s Best of 2017


Reviewer Sharon Smith shares her picks for 2017…

 The Alien Zoo…and You! – Adrian Beck and Heath McKenzie

Loved this book. Editing, format, illustrations, plot, setting, characterisation, pace and action, lessons to learn – all excellent. Especially enjoyed the interactive components, and the feeling of wanting more is a good indication of both the author’s and illustrator’s skill. Recommended 7 years+



Nevermoor: the trials of Morrigan Crow – Jessica Townsend

This debut novel was almost ‘unputdownable’. The first in the series The Trials of Morrigan Crow. The cover is devine; setting, plot, characterisation and editing near flawless. Definitely an author to watch. Recommended for avid readers 9 years+



The Exile (Tarin of the Mammoths, #1) – Jo Sandhu

Very interesting story about belief between goups/clans; what is important to one society isn’t necessarily the same for another; superstition, rejection, survival and endurance.



How to Hypnotise a Droid (Hectic Electric #1) – Josh Lefers

It’s fun and exciting and this series will help children understand their own emotions about loss and empathy while igniting their passion for reading.




That Stubborn Seed of Hope – Brian Falkner

These stories should be picked up by teachers of creative writing as examples of how to package a story so that they resonate and linger in the reader’s mind. Each distinctive work is well crafted, with vivid settings, excellent character development, subtle emotional build up and unexpected twists in the plot. Students 14yrs+ will enjoy Brian Falkner’s writing style, the achievable length of each read and will relate to the themes in each story.



Meet Reviewer Sharon Smith…

Sharon Smith is currently the Children’s and Youth Services Librarian for the Riverina Regional Library, developing and presenting literacy programs for the community members of 13 local government areas. Sharon is experienced in public, school and medical library work, with a few stints as a receptionist and waitress. She is a passionate advocate for literacy and encourages reading for all ages.  She is an avid reader herself, especially of dystopian youth fiction.

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