Scary Night


scary night

GIBBES, Lesley (text) Stephen Michael King (illus.) Scary Night Working Title Press, 2014 unpaged $24.99 ISBN 9781921504631 SCIS 1669486

Once upon a scary night three friends set out upon a journey.  There was a hare, a cat, and a pig.  They carry various items through forests and across mountains as the reader wonders where they might be going.  They meet, perhaps inevitably, some of the scariest creatures that can live in forests, including a crocodile and a bear.  You will have to go to the book, however, to discover exactly what their destination was.

Each large page is devoted to an ink drawing, sometimes across both pages, with swathes of subtly dark colours throughout: purples, vermillions, pale greens, shades of grey.  The creatures have something of the style and energy of Dr Seuss illustrations, and they are entirely professionally accomplished.  The text is clear, and large enough for small eyes to read.  It is composed as rhyming couplets so will be fun to read aloud.  1 to 4 years old.

reviewed by Kevin Brophy

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