Plato’s Academy and the Eternal Key


platos academy

GRAY, Ali Plato’s Academy and the Eternal Key Createspace, 2014 131pp $22.40 pbk ISBN 9781495413506 SCIS 1663164

Philosophy can be difficult to comprehend but Gray has produced a time travel fantasy that makes Platonic theories a simple journey.  When Charlie’s grandfather, Ted, dies he must find and deliver a scroll back to its original source.  Through a secret doorway in the London museum Charlie find himself transported back to ancient Greece but he can’t get back home without the doorkey.  Here the young warrior-in-training, Adonia, leads him from Plato’s school to the Delphic Oracle.  The Oracle sets three tasks for the children to solve before the key can be retrieved.  All this becomes the crux of an exciting adventure where Plato’s philosophy is put into practice.  Middle school readers will be engrossed in the adventure as well as learning some important philosophic ideas.  This will be a welcome addition to the reading lists with its fast paced action.

reviewed by John Cohen 

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  1. Angela Sandford on

    A great read for the entire family. This presentation is awash with adventure and is a delightful introdution to the teachings of Plato. A clear, concise, and well written book. Looking forward to the next instalment!

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