Mary the Hairy Fairy


Mary the Hairy fairy

CORCORAN, Daniel Mary The Hairy Fairy Characteristix, 2013 unpaged $14.95 ISBN 9780980817973 SCIS 1637231

At its heart Mary The Hairy Fairy is a story of finding your place in the world.  Mary is a particularly hirsute fairy with a huge mane of red hair which never stops growing.  Despite numerous attempts, the hair will not be tamed.  This is only the beginning of the story as Mary lives amongst other fairies who all seem to know what their job is and are pretty good at it.  She does not.  Trying a succession of jobs, she discovers she isn’t really suited to any one of them until a crisis occurs in the town.

This is a fun and engaging story which would be suitable for children ages 6 and below.  It has bright and colourful artwork which illustrates the story well and conveys the main themes with quirkiness and humour.  DM

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  1. Vanessa Hamilton on

    What a wonderful book this is. My three boys aged 9, 7 and 4 all love it. The are captivated by the illustrations.
    Have been known to read it twice over on more than one occasion 🙂 Australian Author as well.
    I have given it as a gift often to boys and girls because it is suitable for all.
    Love it.

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