Too Hot for Spots



GOSS, Mini Too Hot for Spots Allen & Unwin, 2014 unpaged $19.99 ISBN 9781743435410

This full colour glossy production features puppets and dolls knitted and costumed by Mini Goss.  There is Stella, who is a yellow dog dressed in a fluffy top, and a sick and sorry-for-himself Barry who is a brown dog in pyjamas.  Stella puts Barry to bed and since he needs a doctor she dutifully puts on all the regalia that a doctor might wear and carry.  Spectacles complete her outfit as she puts Barry through the paces of a medical examination.  Her diagnosis is ‘Weasles’, a most serious condition.  In fact, it is so serious that Barry will have to eat strawberries.

The text is hand drawn in ink on the busy, glossy, fun pictures, in bright simple lettering.  The spots of course play a big role in the final role reversal.  This could be good fun to share with your toddler, especially if you are preparing for a visit to the doctor.  2 to 4 years old.

reviewed by Kevin Brophy 

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