Dinosaur Boo!: The Deinonychus; Dinosaur Roar!: The Tyrannosaurus Rex


Jeanne Willis, Dinosaur Boo!: The Deinonychus, MacMillan Children’s Books, 26 April 2017, 24pp., $14.99 (Board book) ISBN 9781509834952

Jeanne Willis, Dinosaur Roar!: The Tyrannosaurus Rex, MacMillan Children’s Books, 26 April 2017, 24pp., $14.99 (Board book) ISBN 9781509835669

Inspired by the picture book Dinosaur Roar! these two texts are part of a series of books suitable for children from one to six years old. Bright, fun and engaging, these easy to manage board books introduce children to dinosaurs with rhyming text and simple storyline. The written text is large and easy to read against the white background. In places, key words are capitalized and in bold typeface, giving the child many cues to recognise the words and join in with the reader, making an enjoyable introduction to early reading experience. Colourful, computer generated illustrations capture the many expressions of the lively and playful dinosaurs which children will want to imitate. Bound with embossed and shiny covers, colour coded for visual appeal, each sturdy book ends with a double page of simple dinosaur facts.

Complete with a pronunciation guide, the books are a good learning resource for pre-school children and all facts are verified by a professor of the National History Museum, London.

Reviewed by Grace Nolan

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