Angry Cookie


Laura Dockrill (text) and Maria Karipidou (illustrator), Angry Cookie, Walker Books, September 2018, 40 pp., RRP $24.99 (hbk), ISBN 9781406383089

Walker Books has an impressive reputation as a publisher of children’s books.   This is a particularly original story about a cookie – read biscuit – who is very angry about lots of things that have not gone well for him, including having a bird try to take a bite of him.  He does not want to talk to anyone but finally relents to say why he is so upset.  As he does, things don’t seem so upsetting and he gradually realizes that life is not too bad, especially when someone listens to him. The illustrations portray the cookie with a very expressive face – that bears a resemblance to an angry, sulky child. Ages 3-6. 

Reviewed by Elizabeth Douglas

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