BINKS, Gweneth (text) Amber Flynn (illus.) Winston Purple Wren Pub, 2013 87pp $20.00 ISBN 9780646906102

We have read about teddy bears, train engines, cars and rabbits.  All have talked to us and taken us on exciting adventures, but there are very few books about teapots, and that is what Winston is.  He is taken off the high shelf in the shop and bought by a kind old lady, who has a daughter?, granddaughter?  who finally takes him over.  Nothing much happens to Winston: his life is tranquil, except when he swells with pleasure.  Unhappily, Winston is a little dull.  He doesn’t seem to have any adventures, and apart from his pretty colour, to be imagined, as the illustrations are in black and white, he is quite unremarkable.

reviewed by Stella Lees

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