Ninu Easter Bilby


easter bilby

STAVROU, Lyndall (text) Jann Forge (illus.) Ninu Easter Bilby Self Pub, 2014 24pp $15.00 pbk ISBN 9780980796940

This is a delightful children’s book about Ninu, a Bilby who wants to be an Easter Bilby.  It is set in the northern parts of Australia and features the animals and landscapes of that region.  The story follows Ninu amongst the grasslands trying to find advice about how to become an Easter Bilby.  The Thorny Devil, Bush Turkey, Goanna and Cockatoo all offer their advice but none of it helps.  Finally the Aunties give Ninu the best direction to take.

Featuring distinctive language and rhythm, this book would be very good for ages 2 and up.  It would make an excellent introduction to children who are discovering the Australian bushland and the heritage and culture of indigenous Australians.

The illustrations are well executed in an engaging water colour style.  The colours of the desert feature here with strong reds and oranges, contrasting with the striking blue of the desert sky.  The line and brush work of the animals is excellent and should engage readers of all ages.  DM


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