Daisy’s Quest; Daisy’s New Wings


daisy quest

WELLS-SLOWGROVE, Jodie (text) Kerry Millard (illus.) Daisy’s Quest 111pp ISBN 9780143307464 SCIS 1651564; Daisy’s New Wings 115pp ISBN 9780143307471 SCIS 1651565 Puffin (Wilderness Fairies), 2014 $9.99 pbk

Daisy is a spunky little fairy who loves spending time out in the bush with her beetle best friend, Vu.  She can’t wait until the day she gets her fairy quest and has a chance to earn her wings, like the rest of her family.  But when that day comes, Daisy learns that earning wings – and knowing what to do with them – is more difficult than it seems.  In Daisy’s Quest, Daisy has to follow the riddles set by the fairy queen to earn her wings, making new friends along the way.
In Daisy’s New Wings, Daisy’s aunt has come to stay to help Daisy to learn to fly!  Only flying takes a lot more patience and persistence than Daisy had ever dreamed.

Jodie Wells-Slowgrove has created a lovely, well-developed and thoroughly engaging fairy series for young readers set in the Australian bush.  With gentle lessons, adventurous plots and great characters, these ‘fairy’ books can’t be easily dismissed.  Themes of friendship, family and growing up are explored in miniature, all set against the thrilling backdrop of the Australian bush.  Young readers will be captivated by these excellent stories and charming, sweet illustrations and will love the factual information, recipes and crafty ideas featured at the back of each book.

reviewed by Meg Whelan

Daisys new wings

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