Nathaniel Eckstrom  Connected  JoJo Publishing  November 2014  38pp $16.99(pbk)  $24.99 (hbk)  ISBN: 9780987609519 (pbk)  9780987609526 (hbk)

With lots of children now living in apartment buildings, this picture book will find a ready audience.  With 16 different families occupying various levels, there are always interesting sounds and smells wafting through the building.  In addition, some of the occupants communicate with each other via paper aeroplanes through each other’s windows while other intrusions are less welcome such as the magician who interferes with a child’s hairdryer.  The story is told with minimal text (in toe-curling rhyming couplets) and complemented by light-hearted pastel drawings.  Ages 3-6.

reviewed by Elizabeth Douglas

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