What Now Baby Bears?


what now baby bears

BRISLAND, Toni (text) Emma Stuart (illus.) What Now Baby Bears? Little Steps, 2013 unpaged $14.95 pbk ISBN 9781921928697 SCIS 1640399

Mother Bear and her cubs love to frolic through the hills playing with butterflies, rolling in the grass and tumbling through the snow.  However, when the leaves start falling from the trees and winter comes it is time for the bears to find a cave to hibernate in.  When they emerge from hibernation, the world around them has changed and something terrible happens.  But parents don’t need to be alarmed as the story ends happily.

Beautifully written and illustrated this book has a strong moral message about the adverse effects of humans on animals’ habitats.  The story ends on a positive note, revealing how we need to work with animals to live together harmoniously.  KP

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