Undercover Llamas (League of Llamas #3) and Rogue Llama (League of Llamas #4)


Aleesah Darlison (text) and Simon Griener (illustrator), Undercover Llamas (League of Llamas #3) and Rogue Llama (League of Llamas #4), Penguin, July 2020, 144 pp., RRP $9.99, ISBN 9781760894191 and 9781760894207 

Welcome to the LOL – The League of Llamas, the world’s best crusading, crime-stopping secret agents. Ruled by the stern paw of Mama Llama, Phillipe, Lloyd and Elloise are some of LOLs crack agents… even though that doesn’t stop trouble tracking them down wherever they go. In Undercover Llamas, the team disguise themselves as band members for the singing sensation, Bruno Llamars, as a way of sneaking into Chickenlovakia to apprehend fiendish chickens guilty of foul play. In Rogue Llama, Phillipe is desperate to clear his name after he’s been blamed for the destruction of the Eyeful of Llama Tower.  

The books are full of puns, wordplay and loads of playful references like Llamatube, Ratopia, the home of all rats and Interchimpol, the International Chimpanzee Police. It’s also full of gadgets, bad guys and double crosses in a zany, wild ride.   

Reviewed by Deb Abela 

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