The Truly Terrible Mistake (Penelope Perfect #4)



Chrissie Perry,  The Truly Terrible Mistake (Penelope Perfect #4), Hardie Grant Egmont, March 2016, 144pp.,  $14.95 (pbk),  ISBN 9781760120276 

I took this book with me to read while the dentist put braces onto my daughter’s teeth, and was laughing so much that I had to read paragraphs out to the dentist to justify my outbursts. That’s because the humour in this book is of the wonderful ‘laugh-out-loud’ variety. It’s also balanced by some very insightful writing that pins the angst of those of us who have some neuroses, or who recognise neurotic behaviour, to the wall, but in a gentle way. Penelope’s struggles with school, friends, failure, success and life in general are of the variety that we can all recognise and relate to. The supporting characters are also endearing, especially her Grandpa with his quiet wisdom and guidance. The black and white illustrations, and occasional interesting fonts, added to the fun of reading this book. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Jane Carstens


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  1. I am so delighted with this review. Loving that these books are resonating with adults as well as kids. Thank you !

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