There’s a Shark in the Loo


Sharon Boyce (text) and Suzanne Houghton (illustrator), There’s a Shark in the Loo, Larrikin House, May 2020, 32 pp., RRP $24.99 (hbk), ISBN 9780987635488 

Have you ever gone to the loo, only to find there’s a shark in there? Pretty annoying, especially when you are about to have guests arrive for your party.  

There’s a shark in the loo, what should I do?  

The birthday girl races around the house asking her family, but nothing seems to work. 

This preschool aged romp will be fun for the younger age, as it relies on the silliness and absurdity welcomed by this audience. Utilising rhyming will catch and hook (ahem) the younger listener and is complimented by large and action filled illustrations.  

Stripped down, this is a silly and lighthearted tale sure to entertain, but for those interested in extending the learning, then looking into sharks further is an easy way to keep the book going for a while.  

What do sharks eat? What is their habitat? Can they really live in a loo? What do you think?  

Reviewed by Belinda Raposo

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