A Tale of Two Kitties (Dog Man #3)


Dav Pilkey, A Tale of Two Kitties (Dog Man #3),  Scholastic Australia,  Sept 2017,  256pp.,  $15.99 (hbk),  ISBN: 9780545935210

He was the best of dogs… He was the worst of dogs… It was the age of invention… It was the season of surprise… It was the eve of supa sadness… It was the dawn of hope… 
Thus starts the saga of A Tale of Two Kitties, the third book in the popular Dog Man series by the creator of Captain Underpants, Dav Pilkey. In this zany comic-style book, half-dog, half-policeman (a.k.a. Dog Man) tries to prove himself to a boss who thinks he is nothing but trouble. Fortunately, Dog Man finds a lovable friend in the clone of his arch nemesis, Petey the Cat. And then things really get weird.
With Flippy, a robotic fish that creates problems far beyond its size, and the evil Petey the Cat on the loose, Dog Man has his paws full. But nothing will stop him from saving his new best friend, Lil’ Petey, who is, well, cute as a kitten, much to the annoyance of Petey. When the town’s buildings come to life and start destroying the town, the only one that can stop them is Dog Man.
There is never, ever, a dull moment in this goofy story about the most bizarre characters you are likely to meet (until the next Dav Pilkey book). Young readers are sure to be rolling with laughter and eager to keep turning pages as it’s impossible not to be curious about what these crazy creatures will do next. Then, of course, there are the always amusing Flip-o-ramas, an ingenious page flipping scheme that shows how illustrations can become animated. The pages are simply jam-packed with details and jokes that appeal to imaginative young minds.
This is a fun read-aloud for younger kids while kids 7+ will enjoy flipping through the pages themselves, reading along at their own pace. My five year old begged me to keep reading this book well after bedtime, while I had a ball seeing what made him laugh and what twists and turns the story took. Recommended.
Reviewed by Stephanie Ward

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