Super Weird (WeirDo #4)



Anh Do (text),  Jules Faber (illus),  Super Weird (WeirDo #4), Scholastic Australia,  1 June 2015, 151pp.,  $14.99 (pbk),   ISBN 9781743629314

Is there anything Anh Do can’t do? He’s an utterly charming Australian personality, and in his written work for children his beautifully sunny personality shines through. This is a graphic novel aimed presumably at middle primary school readers, but there is enough fun for older readers to enjoy and for younger ones to listen and look. The fourth in the series, the action centres around ‘Weir’ Do and his zany extended family, including his pet dog Fido and bird Blockhead who get into all sorts of scrapes. The chapters touch on tried and true plotlines, with Weir helping his dad at work, developing a crush on a girl at school and entering his pets into a funniest video style tv show; however, there is enough humour and gentle lessons, such as being the shortest at school but still giving everything a go, that makes this rise above the average.

Jules Faber’s illustrations are lovely, conveying meaning and humour deftly even for very young readers – I’m excited by the use of the graphic novel form aimed at primary school readers. I’m certain Do and Faber will continue building a loyal fan base with this series.

Reviewed by Angie Holst

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