Pig the Fibber



Aaron Blabey,  Pig the Fibber,  Scholastic, 1 May 2015,  28pp.,  $16.99 (hbk),  ISBN 9781743629062

Pig was a pug who often told lies to get his own way. Poor Trevor, a sausage dog, always got the blame until one day, Pig’s sneakiest plan backfired. Now Pig has learned his lesson – about telling lies anyway.

This is the eagerly awaited second book in the series about Pig, the greedy Pug. As in the first book, the rhyming text is a joy to read aloud and the bold, funny pictures will have readers chortling. Children will relate to the set-up where someone else gets blamed unfairly, and rejoice when just desserts are served. So far Pig has learned not to be greedy (although in this story greed gets him in the end!)  and not to tell lies; I am very excited to read about what mischief Pug is up to next.

Highly recommended for read aloud and early readers, also a fabulous visual literacy text for older readers.

Teacher notes for Pig the Fibber can be found on the Scholastic website.

A thought-provoking post on using children’s literature (including Pig the Fibber) to teach philosophy can be found on the Litology and Much More blog.

Learn more about Aaron Blabey and his work on his facebook page.

N.B. Pig the Pug has been shortlisted this year for CBCA Book of the Year, Early Childhood. There are teacher notes and a book trailer available.

reviewed by Sharon Seymour

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