PATRIGNANI, Leonardo Multiversum Scribe, 2014 327pp $19.99 pbk ISBN 9781925106084

Since the concept of multiple dimensions in a limitless universe was first postulated authors have been having a lot of fun with various manifestions of that concept.  Many great and not so great stories have been written using the idea that variations of every possible universe exist and that one can move between them.  This story is one of the better ones.

It is being marketed as a love story in the young adult category.  Whilst this is an acceptable marketing strategy it does not do justice to the novel which has a lot more depth.  It explores some significant concepts and creates an exciting adventure.  There are a couple of excellent plot twists which the reader almost sees coming but not quite.  The first one, without giving too much away, involves our protagonists arranging to meet through dreams and telepathic communication only to discover they are in the same space in different dimensions.  Spooky.

The book is easy to read without too much teen angst.  It deals with some fairly heavy emotional events without being bogged down in deep sadness or regret.  Suitable for high school aged readers and up.

reviewed by David Murphy

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