How I Love You


How I love you

PIGNATARO, Anna How I Love You Scholastic, 2014 unpaged $16.99 ISBN 9781742838182 SCIS 1651756

This is a special book in that the artwork not only captures the unique nature of Australian wild life, but also very subtly the text integrates a range of evocative verbs, not necessarily part of a pre-schooler’s vocabulary, in a completely meaningful manner.  Such words as nestled, nuzzled, cradled, cuddled capture the essence of the emotions at play in this text.  The signature artwork of Anna Pignataro is beautifully suited to the mood and focus of this story, about the love that exists between mother and child.

While there are many picture books that work with such themes, this one just has that little bit extra.  Perfect for reading with young children 3-6 years.  Sue Clancy


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