The Green Ambulance Caper


green ambulance caper

HORSFIED, Alan (text) Jan D’Silva (illus.) The Green Ambulance Caper JoJo Pub, 2014 48pp $12.99 pbk ISBN 9780987588029 SCIS 1674114

The Green Ambulance Caper puts a new twist on emergency services.  Bindi and Dusty Thorn have a green ambulance that they use to rescue harmed and neglected plants.  They rush their ‘patients’ to their hothouse where they nurse them back to health using all kinds of methods including drips and seed beds.  Tiffany witnesses a plant rescue and then tags along with Bindi and Dusty, learning about plants along the way.  Her admiration for their dedication grows further when she gets caught up in their showdown with the evil Topiary Twins.

This delightful book has an interesting storyline that gently introduces the concepts of conservation and respect for our environment.  Once you read it you might think twice before blowing a raspberry, calling someone a couch potato or an inferior good a ‘lemon’, or referring to someone as having sour grapes.  After all, it’s not nice to poke fun at plants!  The story is supported with black and white illustrations that have some wonderful detail in them, especially the reactions and expressions on the plants.  For primary school aged children.

reviewed by Jane Carstens

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