Go, Green Gecko!


Gay Hay (text),  Margaret Tolland (illus.),  Go, Green Gecko!,  Starfish Bay Children’s Books, May 2017, 40pp.,  $27.99 (hbk),  ISBN 9781760337

I loved Go, Green Gecko! as soon as I set eyes upon the cover’s alluring illustration by Margaret Tolland.  It is big, bright and beautiful; and welcomed me into the secret world of the green gecko as told by author, Gay Hay, in this wonderful story book for young children.

In the story, we accompany the gecko as it goes about the everyday business of seeking food.  Gecko knows care must be taken so each new place is approached with awareness and caution – as well as anticipation of the exciting possibility of finding food.  And so it is important for all of us to remain on the lookout for the presence of predators as we scamper with gecko through the varied landscape – tree to riverbank, along logs and past boulders, through ferns and branches until finally reaching the safety of the treetops.

This book is captivating and the simple telling of one tiny creature’s natural world is enlightening.  There is a lot to see and consider on every page as the lively text and enticing illustrations enmesh readers with the world of the green gecko.

And what a great teaching aid for all ages.  The story gives insight into the gecko in a simplified manner with the information section at the end of the book providing background facts.  It is marvellous to have both approaches within the same book as it gives teachers and carers immediate access to the answers to all the questions children are sure to ask at the end of the reading.

Go, Green Gecko! is a winner on all counts; loved by this oldie just as much as I am sure it will be loved by lots of littlies.

Reviewed by Jennifer Mors

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