Fun at Boxy and T’s Farm


fun at boxy and ts farm

LLOYD, Miranda Fun at Boxy & T’s Farm Self Pub, 2014 unpaged $17.95 pbk ISBN 9780646928241

This independently produced book supports RSPCA South Australia and clearly shows the RSPCA logo.  An idyllic story book farm, where humans and animals lead a story book life style, is depicted in a light-hearted, stylised way.

Boxy, a farmer, and T are the main characters.  Boxy who always chews a blade of grass, wears a brown hat, brown overalls, and yellow gum boots.  T has a smiling face, huge bright red lips and fair hair.  Her outfit includes red gum boots and vibrant pink overalls.  Their farm has chooks and ducks, cows and sheep.  There are horses, pigs, rabbits, and a friendly fox.  Their goofy looking smiling dog is spotted black and white.  Red and white mushrooms and pretty daisies spring up in the green grass beneath apple trees full of luscious red apples and pretty birds.

The text describes the animals and life on the farm and asks readers questions like: ‘How many legs can you see on the pony’.  Children can also be involved by making the sounds of the animals and searching for sneaky ratty hidden in the illustrations.  Colouring-in sheets are available at the author’s website.  The shapes in the illustrations are large, uncluttered, and easy to identify without being strictly realistic.

reviewed by Elspeth Cameron 

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