Friends Don’t Like Roaring


Antje Taylor (text), and Matt Howorth(illustrator), Friends Don’t Like Roaring, Little Steps Publishing, April 2019, RRP $14.95 (hbk), ISBN 9781925839012

Little Lap is a young dinosaur having trouble in the playground. He can’t work out why the other dinosaurs won’t play with him for very long. Fortunately, a chat with his mum soon puts him on the right track, and before long he has learnt a valuable lesson: “use your words”.

Short sentences in present tense are well-suited to a toddler’s attention span. Bright, colourful digital images are effective in complementing the text.

This simple story is an easy read, and a good one to share with preschoolers who are finding communal playtime challenging. It could be helpful in facilitating discussions about social skills like making friends and fostering empathy.

Reviewed by Julie Murphy

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  1. Lap the dinosaur – from the pictures – seems to have good joining and entering skills.

    I will admit I’m not necessarily a fan of roaring from a communicative point of view, even though it is so eminently expressive.

    Taylor/Howorth are a great writing and illustrating team.

    I wonder if by the end of the book Lap and his friends will accept one another roars and all?

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