Forever Fairies


Karen Dunsmore (text) and Grace Chen (illustrator), Forever Fairies, Little Steps Publishing, February 2020, 168 pp., RRP: $14.95 (pbk), ISBN9781925839678

Who wouldn’t be enchanted to find a baby fairy in their garden? 

This full colour illustrated junior fiction book is the first in a proposed series of fantasy stories featuring brother and sister twins Luka and Leandra and their grandparents. With all the classic elements of a quest, the plot moves quickly along introducing characters and dilemmas for the resourceful children to overcome. 

Grandma is a passive supporting character in the background. Grandpa is missing but turns out to be intertwined with the magical mystery. 

Little Steps Publishing is a company helping new authors find a way into print. Karen Dunsmore brings energy and educative experience to her first book. It is clearly in the tradition of the Blyton magical stories, but with none of the outmoded language and attitudes. 

The text is well-spaced and accessible for the young independent reader, punctuated by Grace Chen’s subtly coloured illustrations. 

Comprehensive teacher resources written by the author, an experienced teacher, may be found here

Reviewed by Julie Thorndyke 

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  1. To Julie Thorndyke,
    To have a book reviewed by a community professional – not a stake-holder – is genuine, real-life enchantment.
    Thank you for your memorable words and for giving your time to read Forever Fairies.
    Karen Dunsmore

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