Simon Puttock (text), Matt Robertson (illus.) Fluffywuffy,  Frances Lincoln/Murdoch Books, August 2017,  32pp., $19.99 (hbk), ISBN 9781847808714

This engaging picture book tells far more of the story through the illustrations than the words. It begins on the front cover with a picture of Mr Moot’s beloved dog Fluffywuffy. With its long white fur tied up on its head with a red polka dot bow and black eyes and mouth, the only clue to its real nature is in the chewed-up mail at its feet. (It is up to the reader to decide if Fluffywuffy is male or female!)

Fluffywuffy’s owner is Mr Moot, who likes a quiet life. He is not troubled by mice, noisy neighbours or the postman – there’s no need to wonder why – until Cousin Clarence arrives. He not only takes over the lounge room, but he also proceeds to disturb Mr Moot and Fluffywuffy every night with different noisy activities until Fluffywuffy takes matters into its own paws.

Matt Robertson’s illustrations show much, but not all, of the story, leaving some details to the reader’s imagination. The facial expressions of Mr Moot and Fluffywuffy are very revealing. Perhaps the only discrepancy is in the shape of Fluffywuffy’s teeth in the silhouettes and on the final page.

Young readers can pore over the pictures looking for clues, and use their storytelling abilities to fill in the gaps in this humorous attractive book.

Reviewed by Lynne Babbage

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