Ethan’s Voice


ethan's voice

CARTER, Rachel Ethan’s Voice Scholastic, 2013 199pp $15.99 pbk ISBN 9781407135502 SCIS 1619873

Ethan hasn’t spoken for 4 years, but he can’t remember why he stopped talking.  He lives on a quiet stretch of river on a canal boat with his Dad and Mum.  Home-schooled and shy of other children, Ethan is at first nervous when lively Polly and her mother tie up their canal boat nearby.  Polly is a cheerful and engaging little girl, and soon Ethan finds himself wanting to share his favourite secret places along the river with her.  Re-visiting old haunts, Ethan begins to remember disturbing past events concerning his father and a destructive teenage bully.  Ethan is confused and afraid of what he really saw and what his father really did, but with Polly’s positive and practical help, together they unearth the truth of what happened 4 years ago, enabling Ethan to unlock his voice and look forward to a brighter future.  A gently told story for upper primary readers, about overcoming barriers and finding the courage to face disabling fears.  CM

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