Entangled with the Egyptians! (Julius Zebra #3)


Gary Northfield, Entangled with the Egyptians! (Julius Zebra #3)Walker Books Australia, 1 Feb 2018, 320pp., $17.99 (hbk), ISBN: 9781406371802

This is a chunky hardcover book, but when opened, the text looks accessible and is interspersed with cartoon-style line-drawings. The attractive cover of black and white zebra markings and Egyptian gold and lapis-lazuli colours reflects the bizarre combination of ancient history and animal themes.

From the start, this is a book wearing its raison d’être on its sleeve – this is pure riotous entertainment. Nonstop adventures resulting from mistaken identity romp through the setting of Ancient Egypt with all the trimmings of curses, pyramids and boats on the Nile.

The third title in this popular series by author-illustrator Gary Northam, this light-hearted take on ancient times is sure to appeal to adventure and fun-loving readers aged: 8+

Reviewed by Julie Thorndyke


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