Doodle Cat is Bored


Kat Patrick (text),  Lauren Marriott (illus.),  Doodle Cat is Bored,  Scribe, 1 May 2017,  32pp.,  $22.99 (hbk),  ISBN: 9781925321883

I was not eager to open this book, after all who wants to engage with a bored person? Nor was the cover art of a highly stylised red cat looking straight at you with a very bored and glum expression enticing. However, matters improve a lot when you delve deeper and find out what Doodle Cat does to alleviate his boredom.

First of all, like any young person, he lets the whole world know he is bored. He shouts it out in big capital letters. This is followed by a moment of angst – does anyone care? Well… But then Doodle Cat finds a crayon and life changes. He goes on to draw himself and his world in a variety of places and situations which include him ‘surfing on a wave of farts’ and a drawing of his bum. Clearly he is bored no longer and the book ends with the question ‘What will you draw?

The clear message here is that you can never be bored if you have crayons, somewhere to draw and are willing to use your imagination. Bold bright illustrations enliven the minimal text for maximum impact. Each page is well designed using full colour or red and black. The illustrations are energetic and expressive conveying emotion in a minimalist cartoon style. The use of white space is very effective and the double page full colour spreads are a gorgeous riot of colour.

Everyone gets bored and this book is one entertaining suggestion for coping with it.

Reviewed by Mia Macrossan

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