Alfie’s Big Wish


alfies big wish

HARDY, David Alfie’s Big Wish Magabala, 2014 unpaged $17.95 pbk ISBN 9781922142535 SCIS 1688086

When Alfie’s best mate moves away he discovers that games are no fun without friends.  He makes a wish on a falling star and the next morning his wish comes true.  Myrna, a girl Alfie’s own age, appears and they quickly become firm friends.

Simply told and written in rhyme, young children will relate to the universal themes of friendship and hope.  The accomplished illustrations reflect the author’s considerable experience as a Disney animator.  Hardy captures movement and emotion very well.  It is in reading the visual clues that readers will discover that Alfie is an indigenous child living in the outback.

This is the second story in the Alfie series for early childhood readers.  There are teaching notes available.  It would be interesting to use Alfie’s Big Wish to explore illustration styles, parallel texts or indigenous stereotypes with older children.

reviewed by Sharon Seymour

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  1. Unfortunately this book is a bit tricky. As much as we might want indigenous role models the lipstick and lashes vs the loincloth male female delineation is nauseating. The oversight is frustrating. It also reinforces the misconception that Indigenous Australians live in the outback. Diversity is challenging to accomplish in the publishing industry, it is disappointing that such a strong book can reinforce two VERY limiting concepts.

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