A Dog Called Timmy


Eva May (text) and Annelies Billeter (illustrator), A Dog Called Timmy, Little Steps, October 2018, 33 pp., RRP $15.00 (pbk), ISBN 9781925545869

Timmy the dog loves to dig in the Jamieson family’s garden and bury everything from shoes, hats, golf balls, and bones.

But when the time comes to find all the things he has buried, poor Timmy can’t remember a thing!

The Jamieson family love their dog dearly and soon begin to wonder if there is something wrong with him.

Will Timmy remember, or will the Jamieson family forever be wearing mismatched shoes? Eva May’s heart-warming story of a family’s dog and his cheeky, yet lovable nature will strike a chord with young and old, and anyone who loves animals.

A lengthier story more suited to older children who will enjoy the fun-loving nature of the Jamieson children and Timmy’s cheeky antics, it is subtly accompanied by Annelies Billeter’s watercolour illustrations that depict everyday family life in an effortless, and delicate light.

Exploring the amazing relationship between humans and dogs, this story leaves a lasting impression and is a wonderful way for children to talk about their pets or family life.

Eva May’s work is a beautiful example of ageless creativity, and that being young at heart is the key for enduring inspiration.

Reviewed by Shelley Stephens

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