Sherlock Bones and the Sea-Creature Feature


Renee TremlSherlock Bones and The Sea Creature Feature, Allen and Unwin, September 2020, 288pp., RRP $14.99 (pbk), ISBN 9781760525262 

Sherlock Bones is a tawny frogmouth skeleton, and this is his second quest to solve mysteries at the State Natural History Museum. With his trusty sidekicks, a stuffed bird called Watts and bandicoot named Grace, they’re determined to track down a strange new creature in the museum. While our intrepid heroes go about their detective duties, there are loads of fun facts hidden in the panels; we find out about Crytozoologists and what they do, legendary creatures of folklore, facts about octopi, rainforests, sloths and bowerbirds. Young readers will love discovering these fascinating facts hidden in the panels. They’ll also discover why it’s so important to protect habitats and take care of the animals that live there.  

This graphic novel is a fun read for those who love pesky characters, exciting mysteries, cheeky puns and laughing out loud, all while learning about nature and protecting our planet.  

Reviewed by Deborah Abela 

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