Rainforest Rescue (Song Bird, #3)


Karen Tyrrell (text) and Trevor Salter (illustrator), Rainforest Rescue (Song Bird #3), Digital Future Press, August 2018, 198 pp., ISBN 

The Gondwana Rainforest is dying and Rosella Ava Bird AKA Song Bird Superhero and her mates, Amy and Ben aim to find out why. Whilst on a grade 6 camp at the rainforest site strange things begin to happen; people are disappearing whilst Destructo, the villain of the piece, lurks menacingly in the background. It is time for Song Bird to gather her strength and find those missing as well as help save the environment.

Along with her brave wheelchair-bound buddy Amy, they travel back in time to discover the secrets of the forest and save their class mates. With new friend Bunji and the help of his clan’s wise leader, the heroes gain important leads however time is running out.  Can they battle the frightening prehistorical creatures that roam this pristine wilderness and why does Song Bird feel she is being watched?

Action packed and full of unexpected twists, Tyrrell has created strong, courageous role models in her protagonists; encouraging kids to believe in themselves and become mindful of the natural world in this third of the Song Bird series. Aligned with Kids Matter and STEM science in the Australian curriculum this is a terrific chapter book for kids 7+.

Highly recommended.

Teaching resources (and signed copies) available from author’s website

Reviewed by Mem Capp

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  1. HUGE thanks to Mem, CBCA and Reading Time for this gratefully received review.
    I hope your words encourage more children to read ‘Rainforest Rescue’ and so deepen their love of the environment and their dedication to care for it.
    Thankfully yours,
    Karen Tyrrell

    PS … RRP is $14.95 available from karentyrrell.com Digital Future Press, LSI, Amazon, Book Depository, Peter Pal, ALS and book stores. Thanks.

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