A One-Eyed Chook Called Sheila


a one-eyed chook called shiela

CLARKE, Pat (text) Graeme Compton (illus.) A One-Eyed Chook Called Sheila Little Steps, 2014 60pp $25.00 ISBN 9781925059014

An anthropomorphic tale about a chook and her friends who have some exciting adventures and close shaves when they escape from the farm to avoid becoming the Christmas meal.  The story brings in a number of native animals and a not so native fox, who is always on the prowl for his next meal.  The book is divided into brief chapters which will make it a very satisfactory read for younger independent readers, but perhaps it could be edited a little to increase the momentum.  The rather whimsical nature of the story is enhanced by the many delightful pen and ink drawings which yearn to be coloured in.  Here is a book that will delight both the ear and the eye as well as stretch the imagination.  Age: Infants and lower primary grades.

reviewed by John Cohen

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