Katrina McKelvey (text), Kirrili Lonergan (illus.),  Dandelions,  EK Books/Exisle,  1 Oct 2015,  unpaged,  $24.95 (hbk),  ISBN 978 1 921966 82 8

This delightful story about a girl who loves dandelions is told in the first person.The unnamed heroine beseeches  her father to leave the lawn full of dandelions  but too late she sees they have disappeared under the mower. A sympathetic dad finds one lone dandelion and together they blow the tiny seeds away.They imagine the seeds travelling far and wide and later see neighbouring lawns covered in a carpet of yellow.

Visually this is an outstanding book with strong elements of movement and colour on every double page.  Perfectly imagined landscapes of sunflowers, river, bush canopy and even hot air balloons, keep the momentum swirling onwards.  Recommended.

Reviewed by Chris Dayman

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