Broken World


broken world

JUDD, Susan Broken World RMD, 2013 88pp $20.00 pbk ISBN 9780987602404

Broken World is a two act play which looks at the issues of sustainability, greed, injustice, pesticides, drought and famine in the style of the traditional fairy tale.  It is set in the kingdom of Viridian and has a cast of 18, including a prophet, an evil prince, two princesses, guards and the civilians.

The action takes place in the castle including the private chambers of the royal family, the prison, the exterior to the castle, Hope River and the open land where the civilians attempt to survive.  The action moves from place to place but this can easily be organised with the use of simple sets.  Suitable for children 10 and over.  (A Study Guide is also available for teachers.)  KG

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