Ziggy’s Zoo


Pat Simmons (text), Vicky Pratt (illus.), Ziggy’s Zoo, Little Pink Dog Books, 1 May 2018, 32pp., $24.95 (hbk), ISBN: 9780994626905

This lovely rhyming picture book follows Ziggy as she collects an interesting assortment of creatures from her back yard to create her very own zoo.

Young readers count up with Ziggy as she completes exhibits one through ten. In doing so, they meet common garden minibeasts, including slugs, worms, millipedes, beetles and snails. They will also enjoy Ziggy’s more imaginative exhibits – a teddy bear and Ziggy’s pet dog dressed up as a dinosaur.

In a fun twist at the end, even Ziggy’s Mum and Dad get involved!

Readers are challenged to find a little green beetle on each page, and a numeral sneakily hidden within each colourful illustration. A page at the end is kindly provided to help out anyone who is overchallenged.

This fun story encourages a love of language, animals, and imaginative outdoor play. Hopefully it will also inspire readers to create a zoo of their own.

Reviewed by Julie Murphy

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