Where Does a Giraffe Go To Bed?


Craig MacLean, Where Does a Giraffe Go To Bed?, HarperCollins Australia, 23 April 2018, 32pp.,  $19.99 (hbk), ISBN: 9781460752272

A rabbit sleeps in a hutch; a koala sleeps in a tree. We know where lots of different animals go for a rest, but what about giraffes?

This simple bedtime story by writer/illustrator Craig MacLean introduces young ones to an assortment of animals while settling them for sleep. Attractive digital vector art illustrations in soothing, subdued night-time colours do their part to seal the deal.

The text features gentle rhyming verse and the regular refrain, “but where does a giraffe go to bed?” Readers are finally rewarded with a pleasantly imaginative answer to the question.

Suits curious preschoolers 2+.

Reviewed by Julie Murphy

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